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Shuangliang Green Hydrogen

Relying on more than 40 years of mechanical manufacturing experience, Shuangliang started hydrogen production system research since 2015. In Sep 2022, Shuangliang launched 1st unit 1000NM3/h AWE electrolysis stack and BOP system. In Oct 2023, Shuangliang released new generation 10MW electrolyzer with world leading performance figures in the industry.

Alkaline Water Electrolysis Equipment for Hydrogen Production

More adaptable to renewable power.
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  • More Professional

    The hydrogen production system adopts core components such as pressure vessels, BOP units and catalysts that are completely designed and manufactured in-house.
  • More Secure

    The electrolyzer adopts intrinsically safe design to achieve triple insurance, eliminate hydrogen and oxygen mixture, no risk of leak and fire.
  • More Longevity

    The electrolytic cell adopts advanced materials, processes, and design, with a service life of up to 20 years.
  • More Intelligent

    The electrolyzer adopts advanced diaphragm, catalyst, structural technology, and the energy consumption can be as low as 3.993 kWh/ NM3H2@2500A /m2.
  • More Efficient

    The hydrogen production system adopts the advanced Shuangliang intelligent system WONDER CLOUD/OS digital platform, which can ensure the system operates under optimal conditions.


With its innovative design in safety, longevity, and efficiency, Shuangliang large size hydrogen production system can excellently serve the hydrogen demand in different industries, such as chemical, transportation, refinery, and metallurgy, etc.
  • Chemical
    Currently the most applied industry for green hydrogen.
  • Refinery
    Green hydrogen is to be widely used in refinery industry in terms of replacement of gray hydrogen.
  • Steel
    Green Hydrogen will play significant role in the carbon emission reduction in steel industry.
  • Transportation
    Hydrogen as driving energy has big potential in transportation sector.