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​Shuangliang Attended The 2nd Global Electrolyser Convention 2024


Shuangliang attended the 2nd Global Electrolyser Convention 2024, Shuangliang received the "Golden Hydrogen Award" and was recognized as the Alkaline Electrolyzer Leader of the Year. The conference brought together experts and companies in the话题标签 Hydrogen industry. Wang Fagan, General Manager of Shuangliang Hydrogen Business, presented the latest advancements in Shuangliang's hydrogen electrolyzer products at the event.

Shuangliang Hydrogen Energy holds independent intellectual property rights for alkaline water electrolysis, known for its high security, stability, and efficiency. Shuangliang is dedicated to the R&D and the application of hydrogen production equipment, contributing to the world's clean energy revolution.

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